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We have been hard at work building our new website. There will be much more content on the way, so be sure to check back often. M4 Machine Knives Inc., can help you make the right choices to further benefit your production with precision manufactured cutting tools. Optimization begins with a responsive material selection matched to your overall budget and performance objectives. Our experts, consider industry standards and blade design as we propose the best blade to deliver optimal results.


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New Razor Blade Holder
We've been working on developing a safer packaging for our razor blades....The development stage is over!The holders are also available for ...
Slice Ceramic Tooling
Slice™ specializes in ceramic technology for tooling. Slice™ ceramic blades are safer than traditional steel blades and last longer ...
Paper Knives
M4 Machine Knives Inc. provides paper knives that are a cut above our competitors.We offer three inlay qualities for our guillotine ...



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